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  • Welcome To VER1REV Enterprise Corporation

    VER1REV ENTERPRISE CORPORATION was established by Vernie O. Velasquez, Ph.D., a retired educator, who decided to further pursue her love of teaching by focusing more on health and wellness issues. Prior to her retirement, she only had access to the parents and relatives of the children within the vicinity of school premises thus limiting the scope of her advocacy. With her intense desire to reach out further to the physically suffering population, who are often the victims of poor health, she decided to get involved in the education outside the classrooms.

    Today, Dr. Velasquez does not only get up close and personal to people but also interacts with them even from a distance through the media coverage, both TV and radio programs that she hosts. She welcomes every Filipino to interact with her so that intensive education of proper health will be their paths to better quality of life, physically and financially. Better quality of life financially because health care today denotes massive expenses up to billions of pesos annually.

    VER1REV ENTERPRISE CORPORATION is the exclusive marketer of IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops (IONIQUE CMD), the genuine, authentic, original MRI CMD. This product contains very natural, most powerful, health-giving ionic trace minerals that helps restore the normal physiologic functions of the ailing body. Together with water, the element known as the Liquid of Life, IONIQUE CMD, helps detoxify, hydrate, alkalinize and rejuvenate the cells, known as the basic functioning units of human body.

    VER1REV ENTERPRISE CORPORATION was founded so its members can become channels of love by providing the opportunity to create wealth that will bless the world. It shall enhance their financial wisdom so that they too shall enjoy the abundance of the universe, a majestic plan of our Creator. Moreover, they shall become instruments to influence others succeed by being role models of great achievements.

    We welcome you to our website and learn extensively of the more natural, easier, safer, cheaper and more effective approach to health and well-being. The life you save may be yours or of your most beloved one. We also welcome those who desire for financial freedom because behind the company’s advocacy comes the great opportunity!

    This is our vision, mission and advocacy!

    Welcome and join the VER1REV Family today and … NOW!