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  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD)

    Al-Jimson P. Hanapin, 13 years old, student, of Sorabella Subdivision, Concepcion Grande, Naga City, Camarines Sur was diagnosed to have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

    In 2000, when Jimson was 2 years old, his mother Catherine noted some bizarre behavior in him. He was hyperactive, manifested by frequent jumping and with some uncontrollable actions, yelling spells and failed to pay attention on anything for a prolonged period. He was interested in something for just a very short time. These were not only observed at home but even in many public places. These were not only observed at home but even in many public places. During one of the visits to the Pediatrician, Catherine was informed that Jimson may be suffering from ADHD and he needs further evaluation from a Developmental Pediatrician for confirmation of the condition. Furthermore, Catherine was also advised to seed for an accoupational therapist that could help Jimson.

    In January of 2004, when Catherine returned from a six-month work abroad, she noticed that Jimson’s condition worsened. Aside from the very poor attention span, he was observed to be hiding underneath the table most of the time. Since they were financially broke, Catherine just opted to monitor Jimson’s condition personally.

    In September, 2004, MRI-CMD was introduced to Catherine because she contracted dysentery. She experienced amazing effects of MRI-CMD. However, she only took MRI-CMD to avert her medical concern that time.

    In December, 2004, while on Christmas break, Catherine tried to experiment MRI-CMD on Jimson. Catherine mixed 30 drops of MRI-CMD into one liter of water and used the solution to prepare of Jimson’s beverages: mild, juices and his drinking water as well. Those two weeks were very memorable for Catherine because by the opening of the classes in 2005, the facilitators in Jimson’s school noted remarkable changes in his behavior. Jimson was observed to be calmer, less hyperactive and more behaved. Unlike in the past school days where he often preferred to just roam around the classroom, he got interested in writing and this skill required good attention.

    Because of his problem, Jimson spent four years in SPED. This duration was due to the failure of Catherine to provide Jimson with MRI-CMD on a regular basis. Despite the irregularity of usage of MRI-CMD, amazingly, Jimson was able to overcome his condition that he was transferred to regular, mainstream form of education after four years in SPED.

    Jimson will be an incoming second year high school student this School Year 2012-2013 with high hopes to fully overcome his predicament and like his fellow students, he aims to excel in his choices of interest.