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  • Kidney Stones

    Mr. Mary Jane Obligado is a 38-year old housewife of Tambangan, San Jose, Camarines Sur.

    Mary Jane’s problem began eight years ago when she felt colicky pains over her right flank. This lasted for almost a week that she was not able to perform the household chores. She just lied down and endured until the pain was no longer bearable. She then sought medical consult at the San Jose Medicare where a diagnosis of kidney infection was given. She was prescribed 3 drugs whose names she no longer could recall. Since then, she experienced recurrent flank pains.

    In October, 2011, Mary Jane attended the health symposium conducted by the Naga City MRI-CMD Stockist Center. As a part of her goodwill, Dr. Vernie O. Velasquez, the Naga City Stockist, distributed 20 drops of MRI-CMD to all the “early birds” attendees. Mary Jane was one of the lucky recipients. After she took MRI-CMD, she was happy that she felt relief of the pain.

    In December, 2011, Mary Jane again suffered from intense flank pains. Since she did not have sufficient money, she just catered to take five drops of MRI-CMD four times a day for two days. She noted pus passed out from her urine and after few days, she felt relief again.

    On March 18, 2012, Mary Jane experienced difficulty in urinating. So she strained harder to force urine out. It was here that she expelled out a yellowish stone measuring about 1.0 x 0.5 cm together with some sandy particles. Since then, she intermittently passed out tiny particles of stones. Not only was Mary Jane joyous but her children were as well.