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  • Extracolonic Mass

    Ms. Sherly Abad is a 42 years old, married, from San Jose St., Goa, Camarines Sur, a housewife. In September 18, 2011, Sherly developed a low grade fever that lasted for almost a day. The following day, she experienced bearable, continuous pricking pain over the epigastric area. The pain radiated all over her abdomen and to the back. This was accompanied by several bouts of vomiting. Two days later, she noticed a firm, tense, tender mass over the entire epigastric area. After few weeks, she noted that the pain became more severe so she sought medical consultation for which she was prescribed pain reliever. This temporarily alleviated her pain. The doctor requested for the ultrasound of her abdomen. The ultrasound report dated October 5, 2011 revealed that she had a complex mass measuring 8.3 x 6.1 cm in mid upper abdomen suspicious of an abscess, hematoma, or inflammatory mass that was extracolonic in location. The report further advised that she undergo CT scan for further identification of the said mass.

    Since she was not able to afford for a CT scan, she sought medical consult of Dr. Rhen Paragas when he came to Goa for his free clinic. After thorough evaluation, she was prescribed MRI-Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI-CMD) at 10 drops 4x a day and the dosage was increased gradually until a total dose of 20 drops 4x a day was reached. She was also prescribed 1.0 ml each of Selenium, Zinc and Copper. Since she had financial constraints, she only purchased MRI-CMD and took it as prescribed. The pain completely abated in a week’s time and she also noted the mass began to recede until she noted the mass resolved totally after taking MRI-CMD for one month.

    A repeat ultrasound done March 28, 2012 revealed no mass of any kind. The report was normal.

    Sherly is very grateful that she did not have to undergo surgery and her intake of MRI-CMD helped her resolve whatever mass she had.