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  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Mr. Ferdinand V. Domingo, 47 years old, from Happy Homes Phase 3, Magang, Daet, Camarines Norte, worked as an electrician at the King Abdul Aziz Naval Base in Saudi Arabia in 2005.

    Due to the extreme warm weather there, he got sick. He was diagnosed by the company physician to have hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. He was prescribed medications like Metformin 500 mg and Glibenclamide 5mg as maintenance drugs to control his medical problems. He took his medications patiently and diligently since he had to support his family.

    Ferdie, as he is fondly called, noted that despite his regular intake of the medications, he did not experience stability of his blood pressure and blood sugar levels. He noticed some discomfort, often times manifested as tremors and dizziness, that were more pronounced during episodes that his blood sugar levels were very low due to the blood sugar lowering drugs. He cannot discern why his regular maintenance drugs never helped him control his blood sugar concerns. Worse, due to the fluctuation of his blood sugar levels, he never passed his medical examinations required for employment for almost a two year period. His fasting blood sugar was 232.4 mg/dl and his sugar spillage in his urine was 4+.

    In October 16, 2010, Ferdie was able to listen to a live broadcast program, MRI-CMD: Ok Na Dok! at Daet Bay Radio that discussed the amazing benefits of a dietary supplement called MRI-Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI-CMD). That afternoon, he visited the Daet MRI-CMD Stockist Center operated by Ms. Adelaida Javier and consulted the Medical Consultant regarding his medical problems. He listened attentively to every word that was informed to him and followed strictly every instruction especially in regards to his daily water intake, MRI-CMD dosage and diet. He began with 45 drops MRI-CMD daily and increased gradually up to the total dosage of 80 drops daily was reached and maintained.

    Ferdie complied with the new regimen religiously for a period of one month. He personally noticed the amazing changes brought about by the new medical approach taught to him. He felt more vitalized, more energetic, and what made him happier were the stable blood pressure and blood sugar levels that eluded him for five long years. In November 6, 2010, his fasting blood sugar was noted as 109.1 mg/dl and basing on the reference normal values of the examining laboratory, it was just higher by 0.1 mg/dl. A series of repeat FBS readings proved that his blood sugar had stabilized. His latest fasting blood sugar level was noted to be 94 mg/dl. All these happened without a single drug intake.

    Ferdie’s mother and a sibling are also diabetics. One day, when he accompanied them to their doctor, he was informed that their blood sugar levels were still elevated despite years of being under the care of a Metro Manila-based “specialist.” He tried to persuade his relatives to adopt his more natural, safer and cheaper approach but they refuse despite witnessing the remarkable outcome of Ferdie’s approach.

    After Ferdie’s health was restored, he continuously witnessed to the sick especially to the diabetics when he encountered them in the laboratory for their routine tests. Today, with a very grateful heart to God, Ferdie return to his former job overseas and once again play the vital role as the family’s breadwinner. As a lesson to carry along with him, he promised never to neglect water and MRI-CMD the rest of his life.

    Diabetes Mellitus (2nd Story)

    Mr. Jerald Jim R. Lagan, is 27 years old, of San Francisco, Ocampo, Camarines Sur, a former hotel employee.

    Jerald went to Manila after he graduated from school to find a job to support his ageing mother who was widowed when he was still a baby. He worked in a hotel that conducted regular, yearly physical examinations on its employees.

    It was in January 26, 2012 that Jerald underwent the routine physical examinations. This was the occasion where he was informed that his fasting blood sugar level was elevated. The result was 144 mf/dl (8 mmo/L). He was also informed that he also had high blood pressure of 130/90. Due to these findings, he decided to go home to rest.

    Upon his arrival, Jerald’s mother, a hypertensive, invited him to join her to attend the health seminar held in Naga City MRI-CMD Stockist Center that also conducted free medical check-up. He listened attentively to the Medical Consultant and learned much from the discussion of his case.

    During the examination, his blood pressure was confirmed to be 130/90, a reading high for his age. The Medical Consultant prescribed him proper hydration and instructed him to add MRI-CMD into the glasses of water he drank. He was started on 10 drops of MRI-CMD four times a day and the dosage was increased by increments of 5 drops per dose until a total of 20 drops four times a day was reached. He was then advised to maintain the dosage until his blood sugar levels reached normal levels. He was also given dietary advice that was strictly to be followed.

    After a month, Jerald returned for his follow-up check-up. His fasting blood sugar was noted to be 98 mg/dl (5.41 mmo/L), value within normal limits. His blood pressure was 110/80. He was advised to reduce the dosage of MRI-CMD to 15 drops four times a day. Although he lost 5 kilos in weight, he felt strong and revitalized. The succeeding fasting blood sugar levels taken one week apart were 95 mg/dl (5.2 mmo/L) and 93 mg/dl (5.1 mmo/L). Blood pressure remained normal at 110/70. He was informed to maintain his diet for a month and if the blood sugar levels remain normal, he would no longer have any dietary restrictions.

    Jerald was very grateful that his health was restored and was also very excited to return to his job in Manila very soon. With sense of gratitude, he excitedly became a guest in the TV/Radio program, MRI-CMD: Ok Na Dok! program aired every Saturday over PBN TV5 and DZOK 97.5 FM in Naga City. He invited and encouraged the diabetics to be open-minded and accept the better mode of diabetes management.