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  • Asthma

    Mr. Epifanio P. Gonzaga Sr., is 76 years old, married, of San Isidro, Goa, Camarines Sur and a retired supervisor of the painting department of Metro Manila Transport Corporation, a bus company in Metro Manila.

    In 2000, Ka Panying, as Mr. Gonzaga is fondly called, established an eatery in Goa to sustain his income after retirement. He managed his eatery well to maintain his clientele for his newly founded business venture. One day, while attending to his business, Ka Panying noticed that he experienced occasional coughs that later became paroxysmal and occasionally accompanied by difficulty in breathing. He attributed this to the dusts in the open space of his eatery. In time, he noticed that the conditions were getting worse since he also experienced them even at night causing him sleepless nights. This also contributed to his easy exhaustion.

    One day in 2005, Ka Panying experienced severe difficulty in breathing. He was very restless and seeking everywhere for air that he was deprived of. He sought immediate medical intervention in the nearby hospital. He was diagnosed to have bronchial asthma. He was immediately administered nebulisation, intravenous fluids and advised confinement. He was maintained on Salbutamol tablets. Ka Panying wondered why he developed asthma after his retirement when he was in a better environment than in Manila and he never smoked cigarettes during his lifetime. However, he admitted that he is a coffee lover taking at least three cups of coffee every day for the past 40 years. He also noted his condition worsened with the intake of chocolate drinks. He was confined for four days.

    Despite maintaining himself on Salbutamol, Ka Panying still experienced occasional breathing difficulties. He needed three to four pillows when sleeping especially during attacks. In 2008, he experienced his second hospital confinement at the Goa Municipal Infirmary. He was again gasping for air that he felt he was contained in a vacuum. He was rushed to the hospital and was managed using the same medications. Even after discharge from the hospital, he continued to experience mild attacks. Nebulisation was a routine activity for him.

    In July, 2011, Ka Panying and his spouse learned of the amazing benefits of Mineral Resource International Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI-CMD) through a radio program in their local radio station. When he heard that the host of the program was searching for an interested party to host the first health symposium and free clinic that was to be conducted by the Naga City MRI-CMD Stockist Center, he immediately offered his residence. In August, 2011, he attentively listened to every word that the speaker was preaching. He then applied the disease management taught using adequate volume of water and mineral supplementation. Ka Panying began taking 10 drops of MRI-CMD 4x a day and increased the dose by 5 drops increments every three days until the full dose of 20 drops 4x a day was reached. Within three weeks period, Ka Panying felt relieved of his asthma and noticed that he can breathe freely most of the time even without his medications. The wheezes left him for good. Aside from the intake of MRI-CMD, he strictly obeyed the daily water requirement he had to drink and the things he was instructed to avoid.

    Today, Ka Panying no longer experiences any attack. He has been asthma free for the duration of 6 months despite not taking any medications. He routinely does his walking around the community every morning and declared that his health has been restored as that of his younger years, even decades younger. His latest chest X-ray report dated January 18, 2012 revealed a normal radiologic report.