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  • Pregnancy and Related Concerns

    It was May 2009 when I found out that I was pregnant. It was so difficult for me to believe because my youngest child just turned 10 years old. I thought Raphael would be my last child. I did not know how to break the good news to my children and my husband. It was one of the unforgettable moments in my life because of the mixed emotions.

    When I finally announced my condition, the news raised several eyebrows and their only question was, “How did it happen?” I felt like I committed a misdemeanour and my only answer was, “Maybe, because of MRI-CMD.” Pointing the blame at MRI-CMD was the easiest way out for me ... hahaha! My fear started when my condition sank into my mind that I was really pregnant because my past pregnant experiences were very scary.

    During the delivery of my first child, it took me three days of labor. I thought that It would be much more now that I am in my early 40’s! As my abdomen was getting bigger, I felt lots of pains and aches along my extremities. I also experienced sever leg cramps especially in early mornings. Excruciating pains haunted me almost every day. I was very grateful to have MRI-CMD and HVmin as my very good buddies. I would not know what would have happened to me if they never existed.

    I took 20 drops of MRI-CMD thrice to four times a day. I took an additional 10 drops whenever there was the need. With HVmin, I took 1 tablet at bedtime. These two made my pregnancy more bearable. It is really my experience, even with my three previous pregnancies, that as the expected date of delivery neared, I was “gifted" with so many health concerns. This was my long time fear. My fear was even greater due to my age and the decade long interval between this pregnancy and the last one I had.

    January 2, 2010, was my most awaited date. At around past 4:00AM, I saw blood in my urine. I began experiencing mild labor pains. So I got one liter of potable water and added 100 drops of MRI-CMD and drank it gradually until I consumed it. Then I took a bath and proceeded to my Obstetrician’s clinic. Since I felt I was about to deliver, we proceeded straight to the hospital. Upon the examination of the midwife, she informed me that I am ready to deliver the baby. She called my Obstetrician immediately and in less than five minutes, I gave birth to a very healthy, 3.2 kg (7lbs) baby girl. I was so grateful and so amazed that I did not have to undergo the experiences of prolonged, excruciating three day labor pains of my previous pregnancies. This time, labor for me was a very natural, painless, fast, easy and gratifying process.

    I gave birth before 6:00AM and I requested for discharge at around 1:00PM of the same day because I had to rush home to finish the monthly reports as MRI-CMD Stockist of Digos City. I encoded my sales until January 3. It was really an unbelievable experience for me to get back to work right after delivery ... literally, as right after delivery.

    I named my baby YSABELLE. From the day she was born into this world, I give her MRI-CMD daily. I administer it directly into her tongue and followed it up with water. I do not give her any multi-vitamins preparation or any other forms of dietary supplement. As of today, she is two years old. What is amazing with her is that no fever can make her lie down. When she has fever, I administer five drops of MRI-CMD every two hours. Her fever usually lasts for a half day only and there has never been a time when her fever went beyond one whole day. Fever, cough and colds do not catch up with Ysabelle. She is very strong and athletic. At her age, she can dribble the official sized basketball used by basketball players. She runs so fast. Thanks to MRI-CMD for making my baby very healthy, strong, vibrant and very smart. – Liza A. Ungab, ND