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  • Ear Infection

    When I was asked by Dr. Vernie O. Velasquez of VER1REV Enterprise to share my testimonials about MRI-CMD, I told her, WHAT PARTICULAR EXPERIENCE DO YOU WANT ME TO SHARE ABOUT MY ENCOUNTER WITH MRI-CMD? I asked this because in the past eight years of my on and off relationship with MRI-CMD, I can say there were just so many of them which maybe, if I will share to people who want to know the product, I may need at least three pages of this manual to be able to tell of all the good things MRI-CMD had given to me, my family and my friends.

    First let me give a little part of one of the very important history of my life that is when I met MRI-CMD in 2006.

    I was on duty as a news writer of Bombo Radyo Naga. At around 6:30 PM, a visitor arrived at the office of my station manager, Mr. Orbel Cepeda. I saw the woman and I said to myself, “I know this woman because she is my neighbour in our Barangay in Pili.” She gave me a copy of her fliers while she was still at the station. What I did was to look at the website about MRI-CMD. It was then that I had the first glimpse of the product.

    When I got home, I learned that my youngest child, aged three years then, was suffering from a bleeding right ear. He never told us about it until the paper got rotten and irritated his ear drum.

    As a simple news writer, I just earned a very meagre amount for my family. Just like any ordinary Filipino who never budgets for medical expenses, I got frantic on where to source money to address the predicament. It was then that I decided to approach Dr. Velasquez and asked her if MRI-CMD can help me with my son’s condition. Dr Velasquez confidently replied, “Yes!” With doubts lingering in my mind, I used MRI-CMD on my child’s ear without informing my husband because I knew he would not agree with me. My husband was a medical representative of United Laboratories then. Amazingly, in just three days of letting my son drink five drops thrice a day of MRI-CMD and instilling few drops into the affected ear, he got healed. I was very much elated for the immediate effects MRI-CMD gave my son.

    From then on, my love for MRI-CMD sprouted. I also began to witness to every person I knew: at home, my workplace and even to mere acquaintances the amazing effects of MRI-CMD.

    One time, I met the daughter-in-law of an old woman. The old woman was 76 years old and bedridden for several months after she underwent a heart surgery. Her family already lost hope of restoring her health until I introduced MRI-CMD to them. In just a week’s duration of taking MRI-CMD, and increasing the amount of her water intake, she was able to sit down and even walk inside the house. After another week, her daughter-in-law informed me that she and her Inay were in a mall and shopping.

    There are lots of other people’s experiences that I have witnessed. These range from the experiences of known local officials of Naga City, businessmen and colleagues in the media that, after I introduced MRI-CMD to them, only good and grateful words were expressed from their hearts. For me, I proudly declare that I played part in their recovery.

    Furthermore, there are no comparable experiences that made me happier with MRI-CMD when it concerns my family. I can say that I have a great peace of mind whenever I got a bottle of MRI-CMD at home and in my office. I never had to worry or panic when my children got sick from headache, flu, body pains, cough, and stomach pains because MRI-CMD and water always helped. My mother, who suffered from recurring kidney problem and many other medical concerns, also benefited from MRI-CMD.

    Let me share the most recent event that happened to my eldest child Jeremy. He is only 13 years old. Last October, 2011, he complained of severe back pains and difficulty in urination. His urinalysis report revealed he had several urine crystals. I immediately consulted Dr. Rhen Paragas and showed him the test results. He explained to us everything regarding the do’s and don’ts of the treatment/management. With full trust and confidence, we followed the regimen in every detail. Once again, MRI-CMD did not fail me. In the span of three weeks, my son had recovered. With repeat tests, the stones were gone and his kidneys are back to normal.

    What I have written here are just short glimpses of my experiences with MRI-CMD. For the past six years and today, I can always say without any inhibition or limitation, but always with much pride, “Yes, I am a MRI-CMDian and forever will be a loyal MRI-CMDian!” – Angie Daquis-Galupo