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  • Chronic Sinusitis

    Mr. Richard L. Belleza, 47 years old, from San Roque, Iriga City, Camarines Sur, was a former electronic technician who suffered from a disturbing chronic sinusitis.

    The predicament of Richard dated back to 1986 when his nasal congestion began to disturb him. He noticed that the problem often occurred in the morning. When blowing his nose to clear it, he just noted whitish mucus. He usually bought over-the-counter nasal decongestants to relieve the congestion but they just afforded slight relief.

    Five years later, aside from the persistent nasal congestion, Richard observed that he frequently suffered from frontal headache that intensified when he was exposed to irritating smokes, foul odor, during intake of cold drinks and when he bowed or stooped down for a prolonged period. He bore the discomfort painstakingly and continued his self-prescribed decongestants.

    Sometime in 1996, Richard noticed that his nasal problem was affecting his work performance. During the attacks, he suffered from severe headache that felt like his head was falling apart. His sense of smell was also affected. His speech carried the nasal twang quality. He also experienced difficulty in breathing that, when he was lying, he frequently shifted from one side to the other to seek a position that gave the most comfortable breathing until he resorted to mouth breathing. Aside from decongestants, he resorted to all sorts of herbs that also did not render him full relief.

    After a decade of his sufferings, Richard decided to seek medical consult to a specialist. He was diagnosed to have chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps in both nostrils. He was prescribed decongestant, pain reliever, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory drug. He was happy that the pain was gone but the congestion still persisted. During the follow-up visits to the otolaryngologist he was prescribed almost all the available decongestants in the market.

    In 1999, Richard noticed blood streaked mucus when he blew his nose. This alarmed him so he sought consult again and this time he was advised surgery. The otolaryngologist informed him that he had prescribed him all the drugs he needed for his condition and surgery was the last resort if he wanted to be relieved of his problem permanently. Richard refused the surgery and so he opted to take the medicines only when he felt severe symptoms.

    In 2004, MRI-CMD was introduced to Richard. He took 10 drops mixed into a glass of water about thrice a day. He immediately noticed that he felt revitalized and on continuous intake, his headache resolved. He also observed that he had better resistance against viral infections. However, he still experienced the nasal congestion but not as severe as it used to be.

    In 2005, Richard attended the health seminar sponsored by the Naga City Stockist, Ms. Vernie O. Velasquez. He heard a testimonial that MRI-CMD resolved sinusitis. Right after the seminar, Richard immediately approached the person and extensively interrogated him on how his sinusitis was resolved and he followed every word that was told him. He mixed a solution with a proportion of one drop of MRI-CMD to every ml of distilled water and instilled the solution into his nose using the container of eye drops thrice a day. He immediately felt relief of his nasal congestion. He also applied MRI-CMD drops over the sides of the nose twice a day. Three days later, he noted brownish, viscid mucus flowing out of his nose after he sneezed. He also observed that his breathing became more comfortable and attributed it to the shrinking nasal polyps.

    It took more than a year for Richard to fully recover from that menace that haunted him for decades. He just continued to take MRI-CMD and also instilled and applied it over the nasal areas. He is very grateful that he was open-minded to adopt other options to resolve his nasal problem that even “specialists” find it very difficult to treat without surgery.

    Today, Richard is a very strong advocate of MRI-CMD. He treads all roads and trails to bring MRI-CMD to the needy. He also hosts radio programs in Naga City, Iriga City and Goa, Camarines Sur and spreads the good news and assists helpless patients, like he was once in his life, most especially for those residing in the remote areas.