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  • Hypertension

    Mr. Benny Bocato, 49 years old, of Malubago, Sipocot, Camarines Sur and a seafarer, frequently encountered high blood pressure as his constant menace.

    At his age of 40’s, blood pressure of 140/90 is still considered within the normal range yet his company’s medical affiliate considered this blood pressure as a problem and so constantly rejected his application to the pool of seafarers.

    In 2007, during his vacation, he was introduced to MRI-CMD by his wife, Marvie and his daughter, Jessa, who were registered distributors. They made him use both the concentrated drops for his hypertension and the eye drops for his deteriorating eye sight. Regular intake of MRI-CMD for about 2 months period at the dose of 30 drops a day made him experience a lot of healthful benefits such as being revitalized, having more energy to perform daily activities and he became more active.

    When the time came for his medical examination for vessel assignment, he was totally surprised with the results of his medical reports. For the first time ever in his life did he have a clean bill of health. All the laboratories and ancillary reports such as X-ray, ECG, and ultrasound were very impressive. The most amazing finding was his blood pressure. Readings of 120/80 were noted very regularly. These levels were achieved despite the absence of any anti-hypertension drug. He also noted the miraculous improvement of his eye sight. He now claims with much confidence that on his next medical examinations he will definitely pass them with flying colors because he will maintain his intake of MRI-CMD.