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  • Goiter

    Ms. Gene Pabon, 26 years old, single, of Matacla, Goa, Camarines Sur, developed high grade fever last September, 2011 while searching for a job in Manila. She consulted a physician and was diagnosed to have dengue fever. So she decided to go home to Goa, Camarines Sur since the diagnosis given was a dreadful one. Upon arrival, her fever abated spontaneously but she still sought another consultation for confirmation of her illness at the Goa Municipal Infirmary. After thorough physical examination, she was informed to have goiter. She was advised to undergo several tests. Since she had no financial means, she sought the help of a faith healer who confirmed her goiter.

    Upon the knowledge of Gene’s friend regarding her condition, her friend informed her of the radio program, CMD: Ok Na Dok over DZRP 94.5 FM based in Goa. The program promoted Mineral Resources International Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI-CMD), a mineral supplement and it discussed how MRI-CMD helped ailing individuals. Gene heeded the advice of her friend and availed of the free medical check-up conducted in Goa last October, 2011. After attending the health seminar, Gene sought for the advice of Dr. Rhen Paragas. Dr. Paragas encouraged her to try his new medical paradigm of merely using potable water and MRI-CMD as the solution of her ailment. Gene started taking MRI-CMD at 10 drops 4x a day together with water at 50 ml/kg/day. She increased the dose by increments of 5 drops per dose every 3 days until the total dose of 15 drops 4x a day was reached. One week after intake, she experienced changes in her physical condition. She felt more revitalized and active. After two weeks, she went for a follow-up check-up and no thyroid enlargement was noted. She also noticed that her breathing was better with no tightness around her neck and no longer experiencing tremors of the hands. Since then she continuously takes MRI-CMD at a dose of 10 drops 4x a day.

    Presently, Gene assists the team of Dr. Paragas on a regular basis and renders services to the patients whenever they conducted free clinics in the Partido area of Camarines Sur.