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  • Rheumatic Heart Disease

    Mrs. Nanette Dahil-Ungab, 37 years old, of Digos City, Davao del Sur, a grade school teacher, was diagnosed to have Rheumatic Fever when she was eleven years old. Her parents did not take her condition seriously not until she developed the complications of the disease: Rheumatic Heart Disease with heart enlargement.

    Nanette was brought to the Philippine Heart Center for Asia for further evaluation. The cardiologist recommended surgery because her heart valves that were moderately damaged were dysfunctional and caused the heart to enlarge. She was placed on several drugs like Lanoxin, antibiotics, multivitamins and other supportive measures like low fat salt diet and restricted activities. She experienced difficulty of breathing if she missed taking the drugs. She grew up very sickly, thin and fragile. She was barred from doing household chores. She claimed her young age was the most boring phase of her life.

    After college, she met Raul. They fell in love and after seven years of happy relationship they decided to wed. She was aware that in the event that she conceived, pregnancy would probably end her life. Few months before their wedding, she complained of severe chest pains and uncomfortable palpitations that almost caused her death. Due to their financial crisis, all she depended on were the drugs prescribed to her.

    A year after the marriage, she got pregnant. Her Obstetrician monitored her status intensively from the onset of her labor to few days after her delivery. She religiously took her medications since that was her only option to stay alive. She delivered through Caesarian Section since her obstetrician wanted the assurance that Nanette would go through the process safe and alive. Her Obstetrician also performed bilateral tubal ligation so Nanette would not conceive again.

    In 2006, she developed hypertension. New set of drugs were added to her list of medications. Sometime that year, the Ungab clan had their family reunion. During one of the conversations, Mrs. Liza Ungab, the MRI-CMD Stockist in Digos City, mentioned that her 15-year old daughter Mishael, an epileptic for 14 long years, got cured with the use of MRI-CMD. This declaration surprised everyone. Liza was hesitant to offer MRI-CMD to Nanette since her condition was so severe and too complicated that Liza, being a new distributor of MRI-CMD then, had only limited knowledge and experience. So when Raul, her brother-in-law, inquired if MRI-CMD would help Nanette, Liza simply replied, “NO.”

    Few days later, Raul saw Liza and related to her that he had accepted Nanette’s fate long before. Raul again inquired if MRI-CMD was effective for constipation because Nanette had a terrible bowel habit of defecating only once a week. With Raul’s persistence, Liza finally gave in and instructed him to give only two drops of MRI-CMD. But as Nanette is known to be, she experimented on the effects of MRI-CMD on herself. She tried taking MRI-CMD at 5 drops thrice a day then gradually increased it to 10 drops thrice a day. She also experimented on withholding her medicines and depended solely on MRI-CMD for two weeks. She began to feel much better and began performing some strenuous household activities. To her amazement, she was able to do the chores without any complaint. She eventually discontinued taking her synthetic drugs and took MRI-CMD regularly instead. She felt new vitality, gained weight and acquired a glowing complexion that she always envied on others.

    After twenty long years, Nanette began to live a more meaningful life. She was very grateful to God for the miracle potion called MRI-CMD.