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  • Primary Koch’s Infection

    John Albert Patron, 7 years old, Grade 1 pupil, of San Rafael, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, developed fever, colds and productive cough sometime in February, 2011. He was brought to a doctor by his aunt for consultation. He was prescribed paracetamol syrup and ambroxol pediatric syrup. His condition improved but only for weeks. Since then, he experienced recurrence of the above symptoms and he was noted to have poor appetite despite his choice of foods were served.

    In May, 2011, because of the severity of the colds, productive cough and persistent low grade fever, another consultation was made. This time the Pediatrician prescribed John drugs to combat a suspicious primary infection. After consuming two bottles of the drugs, he was noted to be getting weak. The aunt informed his father, who works abroad, of John’s condition. The aunt was advised to search for MRI-Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI-CMD) to help John recover. So his aunt went to Naga City and was successful in locating the MRI-CMD Stockist Center where she consulted the Medical Consultant.

    The doctor first had to confirm John’s medical condition so he requested for a chest X-ray. The radiologic report dated July 16, 2011 revealed primary infection with pneumonia. John was then prescribed 5 drops of MRI-CMD to be taken 4x a day together with daily intake of at least one liter of potable water. The aunt was advised to discontinue all his medications since they caused John adverse reactions. He was also instructed to prefer fresh foods rather than processed and junk foods. Follow-up check-up made after one week revealed a remarkable improvement of his lung findings. He had less cough and his appetite improved. The doctor recommended that John take MRI-CMD continuously and he was required to have regular visits so that the doses could be adjusted as he gained weight in time.

    After six months of regular intake of MRI-CMD, the doctor requested for a repeat chest X-ray to assess John’s condition. On February 29, 2012, the radiologic report revealed a normal healthy chest.

    Once again, it was proven that MRI-CMD is a potent, more natural, safer and cheaper approach to tackle infection especially in children who are more prone to the adverse effects of drugs.