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  • Lung Mass

    This is the case of Babelonia Silos, 78 years old, of Sta. Maria, Presentacion, Camarines Sur.

    Babelonia was noted to be asthmatic since her younger years. She frequently suffered from lung problems. Cough was a very common symptom she had. Due to financial constraints, she learned to live by her medical problems and survive the years she lived until in May 31, 2011, when she developed difficulty in breathing due to her persistent cough. She sought medical consult and she learned that she had a mass in right side of the lung and mild heart enlargement after undergoing chest X-ray. The doctor advised that she undergo more extensive ancillary procedures to identify what the mass was and if ever it turned out to be malignant, she should undergo surgery.

    Babelonia and her family members discussed her conditions and decided that it would be very risky that she undergoes surgery especially that she was frail and aged. Her daughter learned of how MRI-CMD could help her mother while listening to the radio program CMD: Ok Na Dok! Her daughter explained to her mother that their best option, due to financial difficulties, was to try the alternative approach.

    Babelonia consulted the Medical Consultant of the Naga City MRI-CMD Stockist Center on November 23, 2011 and sought advice of her condition. A repeat chest X-ray was requested and the result confirmed the existence of an infrahilar lung mass on the right. She was prescribed MRI-CMD, initially taken at 10 drops thrice a day and increased gradually until a total dose of 80 drops a day was reached and maintained. Selenium, Zinc and Copper were added to the regimen at the dose of 1 ml twice a day. Diet was strictly limited to vegetables and fruits.

    On December 15, 2011, Babelonia returned for a follow-up check-up. Physical examinations revealed that she was breathing more easily. She experienced more vitality and energy that she was noted to be more mobile. Her daughter also noted that she had better appetite despite her limited choices for the kind of food allowed her. Because of the good results, she was advised to continue her regimen and have regular follow-ups.

    On March 23, 2012, Babelonia returned for her check-up. She brought along her chest X-ray report dated March 16, 2012. There was no indication that the lung mass was still existent. With this finding, she was advised that she could begin taking some foods that were restricted provided she regularly continued taking MRI-CMD, Selenium, Zinc and Copper. She was very joyous that she had finally overcome the ordeal of having a lung mass without undergoing any surgery.