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  • Epilepsy

    Ms. Mishael A. Ungab, 17 years old, a resident of Digos City, Davao del Sur, is the daughter of Mrs. Liza Ungab, Digos City MRI-CMD Stockist.

    In February of 1993, Mishael, at 7 months of age, experienced persistent high grade fever that triggered her first convulsive attack. She was immediately rushed to Makati Medical Center. Extensive studies done to her like blood tests, CSF analysis and C. T. Scan of the brain revealed that she had Acute Bacterial Meningitis. She developed mild hydrocephalus and ventricular puncture was done to relieve the increasing intracranial pressure.

    After two months confinement, she was discharged with another medical problem that would haunt her for the rest of her life. Her neurologist informed her mother that she would be epileptic forever. This condition made her a dependent on several drugs. Failure to comply with them resulted to dreaded epileptic attacks.

    Because of much dependence on drugs, she grew up obese but weak, and tagged as “abnormal” by those whoever she met. This was so hurting to her mom but she had to accept the reality of her daughter’s condition.

    In 2003, Liza’s friend introduced MRI-CMD to her. She did not pay any attention because she had more faith on the drugs the doctor prescribed. Not until in May, 2006 when Liza noted Mishael’s worsening health and bizarre behavior that Liza decided to end all synthetic drugs and try MRI-CMD. That day marked the beginning of a new life for Mishael and the best decision Liza ever made in her lifetime.

    Liza started Mishael with 20 drops of CMD thrice a day. Her seizures were controlled immediately. After a month’s use, Liza noted that Mishael ceased to complain of severe headache, a constant problem her daughter endured for the past 14 years. Besides seizure control, Mishael also enjoyed other benefits. Her heavy dandruff that involved not only her scalp but the eyebrows as well was resolved. Multiple acnes on her face were also treated.

    What surprised Liza was Mishael’s request of her return to school she dropped out of school due to her medical condition. In March of 2008, Mishael finally completed her elementary education. This was Mishael’s most valuable gift to the perseverance of her mom in caring for her.

    Today, Liza believes that her ordeal with Mishael is over. As MRI-CMD Stockist in Davao del Sur, she made a mission to further preach MRI-CMD to more people by reaching out to them in a wider range through her Friday early morning radio program, CMD: Ang Patak sa Kinabuhi, aired over DXDA Charm Radio 94.3FM.