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  • Hemorrhoids

    Mr. Johnny Sarmiento, 53 years old, from Camagong, San Jose, Camarines Sur, a general merchandising store owner, developed haemorrhoids at the early age of 20 years. Every time he consulted a doctor, he was prescribed Troxerutin (Venoruton Forte) 500 mg to be taken at the dose of one capsule thrice a day when he experienced severe pains.

    Five years later, at the age of 25 years, Johnny’s hemorrhoids were noted to enlarge. He experienced difficulty and pain during defecation, often accompanied by bleeding. Since then, he often complained of pain when sitting, standing erect and walking. He felt the hemorrhoids were disabling him especially when he had to work. Monthly attacks of pain were a common occurrence. He also learned to use the feminine sanitary napkins since the bleeding oftentimes stained his underwear. Frustrated by the ineffectiveness of drugs, Johnny resorted to different herbs that were advertised to resolve hemorrhoids. He drank them as tea and also applied them over the hemorrhoids. However, he was still disappointed since the herbs afford him no relief. Since Johnny could not find the answer to his condition, he just endured the symptoms he had been suffering for decades.

    On November, 2011, Johnny experienced the worst pain of his life. He was disabled for 23 days. He suffered excruciating pain, discomfort and bleeding, a three-week torture for him. It was that time, while confined in his house, that he heard the radio program CMD: Ok Na Dok! he attentively listened to every word the host said. He attended the health symposium conducted by the Naga City MRI-CMD Stockist Center held in the Goa Sports Complex and learned how one could heal himself of his ailments through a more natural, safer and cheaper ways. Through the help of Mr. Danny Pasiona, one of the Distributors, Johnny was taught how to manage his long-suffering medical menace. He took MRI-Concentrated Mineral Drops at a dose of 20 drops thrice a day and also applied 5 drops of MRI-CMD unto the hemorrhoids with great patience, endurance and perseverance despite the very stingy effect on local application. With proper water intake, Johnny noted that the size of his hemorrhoids receded in a week’s time and he also noticed that the pain and discomfort that he suffered for several decades was alleviated.

    Johnny had finally found the answer to his three decade long medical menace. He had reduced the small tomato sized hemorrhoids to a size of a corn kernel. He is very grateful that he has returned to a more comfortable life that eluded him for past three decades.