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  • Vertigo

    Ms. Jocelyn Molina, 51 years old, of Cainta, Rizal, developed left ear infection sometime in the 1990’s. Even after the completion of her treatment, she still experienced watery ear discharges that bothered her especially when she was attending to her clients as an accountant. Despite several medical consultations, she still experienced occasional ear discharges until it spontaneously disappeared in time.

    In July of 2009, Jocelyn began to experience dizzy spells for which she thought were signs of hypoglycaemia due to her missing meals because of the load of work she had to handle. The spells became more intense that on occasions, she felt that she would fall off balance and she had to cling on immediately to the closest object that would save her from falling. So she consulted an otolaryngologist who diagnosed her to have vertigo. She was prescribed Betahistine HCl 1 tablet thrice a day for a week. She felt her dizziness relieved but after the cessation on the drug, she would experience the dizzy spells again. Worse, she would have bouts of vomiting accompanying the dizziness whenever she would stop taking the drug for long periods.

    In August of 2009, Jocelyn consulted another otolarygologist for which she was prescribed steroids and recommended that she also engage in exercises that would help vertigo patients. They did not help her much. By October of 2009, the attacks were so severe that she had to take a leave of absence from her work. She was so incapacitated that she had to stay home in bed most of the time and worse, remain unproductive. Any movement would aggravate her dizziness. She could not perform tasks for her personal needs like washing her own clothes. It was then that her sister, who was introduced to MRI-CMD, also introduced MRI-CMD to her. With the intake of MRI-CMD, she felt better and was able to get back to work. However, she still experienced bouts of dizzy spells that prevented her from performing her profession more efficiently.

    In December of 2009, Jocelyn was informed of the health seminar that would discuss the topic on vertigo. She attended the said seminar and learned that MRI-CMD worked best when used in the right amount, when combined with proper water intake and when refraining from foods and beverages that were to be avoided when taking MRI-CMD. So she increased her MRI-CMD intake to 15 drops four times a day, forced more water into her system and avoided all items that were advised her. Today, she is back to her daily activities without hassles. Vertigo is now history.